More sound visualisations

As well as being a hard-working research scientist, I like to keep my eyes open for interesting work being done by artists. It’s always interesting to see/hear/experience different points of view, and I think that science and art often have pretty similar goals – understanding things, experimenting with things, and often coming to new explanations of things by synthesising stuff from a long list of people who’ve come before.  I hope that kind of makes sense and hopefully doesn’t offend any artists reading (completely wrong?).  Also, both artists and scientists seem to spend about 1/4 or more of their time throughout the year applying for grants and justifying their existence to a large and sceptical crowd of peers.

So, here are some interesting things I’ve seen lately or want to see (but probably cant). Predictably enough, they all seem to involve some sound element.

Waves, by Daniel Palacios

It’s a peice of elastic band string between two high-speed electric motors, kind of like a skipping rope. If you go to the artists web site you can see/hear some amazing videos of this thing in action. There are people walking all around it – but I think I’d be giving that thing a pretty wide berth – that elastic must be moving pretty fast. Daniel Palacios is from Spain, but that’s about all I know about him.

Inopportune: Stage One

Inopportune: Stage One just looks cool. Luckily, it’s not that far away, in Sydney at the 17th Biennale. I’m hoping to go up there in a few weeks time to have a look around. I’ve never been to Cockatoo Island, apparently there’s some amazing stuff there too, and some nice empty-sounding halls.

An Accumulation of Energy

An accumulation of Energy is on right now, right here in Melbourne, at Blindside Gallery. Marshal McLuhan (from Exp-Melb, I think?) says:

Shimmering sky projections and amplified sound supercharge the physical space of Blindside gallery. Sound and light fragment then coalesce. This time, this space for three days … that’s it. “there are no connections… only resonances, beats, rhythms, closures” (Marshall McLuhan)

That sounds good to me. Plus, it looks quite sparkly…

And if you’ve never been to Blindside, it’s well worth a visit. Level 7 of the very amazing Nicholas Building, on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Lane in the city.

Well, this took longer than I thought and I have to sleep!  More testing in the lab tomorrow, and next week testing at Yarra Valley Grammar starts again (I don’t think I’ve done a post about that project have I…)

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