Music, Language, and the Brain

One book that is definitely on my reading list, but which I don’t have a copy of yet, is “Music, Language, and the Brain,” by Aniruddh Patel. At just about every conference I’ve been to everyone talks about this book, and I’ve seen a few really interesting videos of talks by Ani Patel on the relationship between language and music. Some of his ideas are also being used to explain some of our data.  He’s also quite inspiring as he’s moved across different fields in science and has somehow survived. So, I should read the book.  Anyway, here is some interesting stuff you can download from the companion website and youtube, showing how animals can detect beats in music, an ability previously thought to be unique to humans.

First, a talk he gave a few years ago (quite long)

And here is Snowball the parrot dancing to (sorry) the Backstreet Boys.

And from Chapter 7 of the book, the most amazing video of elephants making music (and seeming to love it!). This video can’t be embedded, you’ll have to go to THIS PAGE and click on example 7.3.

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