More conference fun!

In the last post I said I’d upload the posters we presented at the Garnette Passe conference, well, here they are (you can click on the “PDF of poster link” to download):

  1. Marozeau, J., Innes-Brown, H., & Blamey, P. (2010). Comparisons between perceptual cues for auditory streaming, Frontiers 2010, July 28-30, Melbourne, Australia.
    PDF of poster
  2. Innes-Brown, H., Marozeau, J., Storey C.& Blamey. P. (2010). Improving music perception outcomes for children with hearing impairments: A baseline longitudinal study, Frontiers 2010, July 28-30, Melbourne, Australia.
    PDF of poster

And the news this week is that we’re off to yet another conference, this time the The 20th International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney.  Jeremy and I are both giving talks there, this time on the topic of improving auditory stream segregation for cochlear implant users. Jeremy is speaking about acoustic cues, such as intensity, the spectral shape, and temporal envelope, and I’m talking about visual cues. The titles are:

  1. Ability of cochlear implant users to segregate a melodic line. Marozeau, Jeremy; Innes‐Brown, Hamish; Grayden, David B.; Burkitt, Anthony N.; Blamey, Peter.
  2. Improving musical streaming for cochlear implant users using visual cues. Innes‐Brown, Hamish; Marozeau, Jeremy; Grayden, David B.; Burkitt, Anthony N.; Blamey, Peter.

There’s an absolutely huge variety of stuff being presented, the list of TITLES (no abstracts) is nearly 50 pages long. Topics range from architecture, all sorts of weird and wonderful ultrasound applications, wavefield synthesis, noise pollution control, acoustics of musical instruments, underwater acoustics… The list is almost endless and quite mind-boggling. I can’t wait to see some of these talks, even though (especially?) they’re pretty far removed from my everyday work.  I can’t upload the slides from the talks yet, as they sort of dont exactly exist yet. But there’s still a day to finish them!

So I should stop doing blog updates. I’ve got this thing on my phone now that claims it can update this blog on the move, complete with pictures, I might see if I can give that a whirl.  One of things we get to do as part of the conference is go on a tour of the National Acoustics Labs, which looks totally amazing. They have huge anechoic chambers, and two “high intensity noise rooms”!  Awesome!

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