Concert preparations

Well, a very belated and happy new year!

Since coming back from holidays (back on the 4th of Jan!) it seems like life and work has been in a constant whirlwind. A bit part of the whirlwind is the preparations for the concert. In case you haven’t been spammed to death about the concert already, we’re holding a concert, on Sunday Feb 13th, where the music has been specially designed by six composers, for listening through a cochlear implant.

The composers are composing, the venue and technical people are busying about with tickets and cables, and here at the BEI it’s a little bit like promotion central at the moment. One of the hardest things to organise with this concert is actually getting the word out to cochlear implant and hearing aid users that it’s happening! We’re lucky that we’ve somehow managed to get a fair bit of publicity already, but it’s mostly not targeted to the hearing impaired community.

However, we have been speaking to Better Hearing Australia and VicDeaf who are both great organisations serving the hearing-impaired community, and they have both put the event up on their calendars etc.

SO, if you’re reading this and are hearing-impaired, or know anyone who is, please come!!!

The details are in a PDF flyer which you can download from this LINK.



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2 Responses to Concert preparations

  1. Leah says:


    What a great event! I am a CI user and I would have loved to attend this… but I have a problem: I am halfway around the world in the US. Do you know if this concert will be videotaped and put online? Possibly with closed captions?

  2. hamishib says:

    Hi Leah, we’ll have an audio recording of the concert, but our budget didn’t stretch to video unfortunately. A friend of mine might record it, but I’m not sure how usable the result will be. We’ll certainly try!

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