One week to go!

A few updates on INTERIOR DESIGN: Music for the Bionic Ear.

1) BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! There are two shows next Sunday, and the early one has actually selling quite fast over the last few days. Tickets are $25/$15 concession, and are available from the Arts Centre website ( or by calling the Arts Centre on 1800 182 183.

2) Listening to brand new, hot of the press music is FUN, and a privilege! I’ve been listening to various sketches, snippets and samples of the music the composers in the project have been coming up with, and it’s an amazing experience. Only a very few other people have ever hear the work, and had a chance to follow the thoughts that arise from listening. One of the pieces has even got a bit stuck in my head!
Here’s Natasha Anderson in her studio playing back a demo version of her work. This one will be a mix of instrumental and spatialised electro-acoustic playback.

3) The program is almost finalised, and will be printed on Monday. Each of the composers has written a page on their work – it’s fascinating reading, and we hope that we might be able to expand it into a short book format or some other kind of publication after the concert. The project is interesting from a musicological point of view as well as from a hearing perspective, it would be interesting to bring these two fields together somehow, and really consider the nature of hearing itself and how that affects music composition. That’s for another time though.

4) Ben Harper has just updated his website, with audio links available to some of the studies that have led up to his final work. He gives a good history of his involvement in the project as well, and how his thinking has changed throughout.

5) Listen in to Delivery on RRR from 5:10 on Sunday afternoon for an interview with James Rushford and I. No idea what we’ll be talking about. Moon phases perhaps. RRR is 102.7 FM in Melbourne. Call us and ask questions!

6) We’re hopefully gong to be sitting in on one of the Speak Percussion rehearsals next week. That should be fascinating too. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures (camera might be too loud or distracting though, not sure if I’ll be able to)!

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    1. “One week to go! | Hearing Organised Sound” genuinely got me addicted
      with ur webpage! Iwill probably wind up being returning a
      lot more regularly. Thanks a lot -Max

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