Interesting blog post

A quick post as I’m on my “PhD day”, which means I’m not supposed to be doing anything work-related, but I thought this was an interesting read:

Especially interesting (and relevant if you’re using a CI) is the part about the mapping process, and adjusting sounds to “comfortable” levels rather than painful levels.

Secondly there is an interesting snippet about some research being done in the UK where it seems they are looking into how pitch perception can affect speech intelligibility scores.

Always interesting reading!  Now back to PhD work.  Bye till Monday!

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2 Responses to Interesting blog post

  1. Totally agree on that too loud is noise and it is very polluting not just to self but for others.I love mellow and relaxing music and sounds.

  2. I agree loud noise is very annoying.Relaxing music does wonders for relieving stress.

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