Sounds from around the web

Tonight a few interesting sounds from around the world.

Irish accents AND foghorns, all in one place!  This delightful program from RTE radio in Ireland documents the disappearance of the sound of foghorns from around the Irish coastline. The best bit is when the foghorn afficianados put together a fund-raising night called “blast from the past”… Ho ho ho.

A soundmap of the Parvia River in Portugal (I’m really interested in making one of these soundmaps one day!) It would be good to be able to see a picture of where each sound was recorded I think.

Music made from recordings of cargo ships bumping and grinding on the River Waal in the Netherlands, from Esther Venrooy

There’s a sample here:

And if I were in the UK, I’d be going along to one of these gigs at Tryptic, a whole festival of Eliane Radigue in London.

The festival:

In this video she mentions how the kinds of sounds she uses inn her work can act as a kind of mental mirror… so true.  The venues look amazing too.



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One Response to Sounds from around the web

  1. Trance says:

    Very interesting sounds Hamishib, particularly the one from the Netherlands.

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